Monday, November 1, 2010

Testimonials. Generosity. Exchange.

I am honored to share two testimonials with you from dear clients whose growth and intelligence I had the pleasure of observing and nurturing. Many thanks, Karen and Linda.

"Alexx not only has a technical mastery of Pilates, but she also brings her deep understanding of body movement to her teaching style. Although Alexx is extremely accomplished, she is not at all intimidating as an instructor. Her teaching style is warm and attentive, and she uses her expertise to customize the experience of her individual clients according to their specific needs. Having worked with other instructors, I can say that working with Alexx has been a uniquely wonderful experience." - Karen Corrigan, American Express

"There aren't enough wonderful adjectives to describe Alexx Shilling as a human being and a Pilates instructor. I came to Alexx with a lower back problem about 4 years ago and within about 6 months I was feeling better. There was a dramatic improvement! Now... 4 years later, I am much healthier and my abdominal core is strong and tone. As a human being, Alexx is a Joy to be around. She is kind, considerate, caring and she exudes positive energy! I'm going to miss our weekly Pilates sessions, but I look forward to the possibility that our paths will cross again. Anyone would be Lucky to know Alexx and to take one of her classes!" - Linda Schmidt, FOX 5 News

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