Monday, September 10, 2012

FALL SCHEDULE...change moves in again

Hello, beautiful movers!

Thank you for a lovely summer. I felt so invigorated, my teaching so revived by all the students I met and continue to work with.
The Moving Joint has grown tremendously over the past few months and is really feeling like my homebase in Los Angeles.
You'll find me there this Fall, and at UCLA's World Arts & Cultures/Dance Department as well as at the University Village Apartments for my fellow academic residents in need of flow.

Take a peek, come move with me!

at the Moving Joint:

Pilates Mat with the Physioball       5:30-6:30pm
(a.k.a. Balls to the Wall Pilates)

Pilates Reformer Level 2                6:30-7:30pm

Three-Dimensional Reformer        12:30-1:30pm
a delicious blend of Pilates Reformer and full-bodied, radiant movement off of the machine

Private Sessions by appointment, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sunday

at UCLA's Department of World Arts & Cultures/Dance, Fall Quarter 2012
for students only
Tuesdays and Thursdays              3:00-4:20pm

at UCLA's University Village, Sawtelle and Sepulveda
for residents and guests
Tuesdays                                        7:10-8:00pm